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Tips to Pick a Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be draining both mentally and emotionally. Picking a divorce lawyer is not a simple thing. This is someone who you will have to establish a sensitive and close relationship with. You will also be working with him/her for some months or even years. It is therefore important that you pick one who is right for you. This is a decision you need to make carefully so as not to regret later. Below are tips to guide you in picking a divorce lawyer.

Understand the Divorce Process and Your Needs

Before you embark on the process of selecting your divorce lawyer, get an understanding of the process and what you need from a lawyer. Figure out whether you want to use meditation, litigation, cooperative, collaborative or any other divorce process. Pick a lawyer with vast experience in the divorce process you decide to use.

You also need to figure out any personal references in terms of age, gender, personality, etc. these preferences are important because you need to pick someone you feel comfortable working with for a long time.


What can you afford? You do not want to end up in a bankruptcy court because of a divorce. You need to balance the level of services you need with the cost of services you can afford.

The cost differs from one lawyer to another depending on the firm, how specialized the lawyer is, and so on. Have a budget and stick to it. The lawyer should be affordable.

Ask for Referrals

If you have friends, family or colleagues who have gone through a divorce, they are a reliable source of information. Even so, each divorce case is different, so it might be a bit hard picking a lawyer depending on another’s experience. However, this will give you names of potential lawyers who you can meet with and see whether you would like to personally work with.

You can also ask for referrals from other lawyers. They have perfect knowledge about their fellows who are experienced in handling cases like yours.


Prepare a list of questions to ask the lawyer. This saves your time. It also ensures that you do not forget any questions. Take advantage of the free consultations some firms offer. The questions can be regarding their experience, the types of clients they have handled, any personal experience with the judges handling your divorce case, and so on.

Tell the lawyer about the situation you are in. Have a list of your sources of income, assets and debts, copies of your tax returns and a list of meaningful events regarding your relationship with your partner. This gives the lawyer an in-depth understanding of your case. Listen to what the lawyer tells you and how he tells you.

Pick a lawyer who you relate well with and who agrees with your philosophy towards divorce.

Divorce is an emotional process whose outcome can’t be predicted. The outcome has a significant impact on your life. Therefore picking your divorce lawyer is a vital process and these tips will guide you in picking the best.…